New Possible iPhone 4S In White: AT&T Shows?

We wish we could be the bearer of good news in relation to Apple’s new iPhone 5, but presently we are no further on in finding out its official release date and that’s if we see it this side of Christmas. Rumors have been circling for months now in relation to whether it will be much different from its predecessor the iPhone 4. Suggestion has been put forward as to its specs, its appearance, name, price and of course when we will see the illustrious device.

After a disappointing no show at Apple’s WWDC event back in June, the new fifth gen was rumored to make its entrance at the beginning of this month, this has now changed to the month of October although we are a little confused. Just two days ago, the 150,000 handsets on the production line that are rumored to be made daily, may well be that of the iPhone 4S, a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 5.

Indications have been pointing to two versions of the iPhone releasing, one the 4S which is hoped to have an inclusion of new specs but for a lower price and of course the higher end of the scale, the iPhone 5 which will come with a full packed specs sheet. If we are to believe anything from this weekend’s news, a white version of the iPhone 4S has been spotted on an internal AT&T inventory system.

As to how much we can take from this rumor is anybody’s guess, but as you can see below from the picture courtesy of AppleInsider, the device is listed below other iPhone models, however the letter S in 4S is somewhat smaller than previous models such as the iPhone 3G which can be seen towards the top of the image. Along with this, the iPhone 4S model is lacking storage capacity.

Other news from previous articles that we’ve brought you, have also indicated that carrier Sprint along with others such as O2, Orange and Vodafone are all hedging their bets on an iPhone 5 release coming mid to tail end of October. The date of 21st has cropped up more than once. From rumor, the iPhone 5 is expected to launch with a bigger display, A5 processor, iOS 5, 8 megapixel camera and so on.

What are your thoughts on the two iPhone versions? Would you be tempted by a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 5, let’s face it, you will be holding an iPhone device in your hand for possibly half the money, but it may lack some of the specifications that the five includes.