Bose Goes Wireless With SoundLink A2DP Speaker

When we think about high-end sound systems for our homes there are a handful of names that immediately spring to mind. One of these names is Bose, the Massachusetts based audio equipment giant founded in 1964. Well known for their stylish no nonsense sound systems, Bose has secured itself a position among the top ranking manufacturers.

Recently we have not heard a great deal about any new devices from the company although as Engadget stated they have been slipping some new models past the eyes of the FCC. One of these new devices has now been given a bit of an airing so we decided to bring you some information to whet your high-end audio taste buds.

So lets take a look at the Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker, an A2DP Bluetooth streaming device, for on-the-move audio duties. This box style speaker system reflects the Bose clean and simple design, whist utilizing power and sound quality from four 2-inch neodymium drivers supplying the high and mid range tones. Bass notes are taken care of by a pair of “dual-opposing passive radiators” which supply the thump from front and rear.

Being portable the SoundLink speaker packs a Li-ion battery which according to Bose offers up to four hours playtime at maximum volume, stretching to eight hours if you keep it to reasonable levels. Connection obviously comes from the Bluetooth pairing which is a simple process of opening the speaker’s cover that automatically powers on and begins searching for devices. Although the unit can recall up to six separate devices only one can be linked via Bluetooth at anytime.

On the looks front, as we mentioned Bose has stuck to its familiar style, there are a range of simple buttons along the top of the unit for Bluetooth, mute and volume tasks. Out the back is a jack for power, micro-USB ready for any firmware updates and a 3.5mm audio input. When the speaker is in its portable state an interchangeable magnetic cover keeps the grill from harm. This covering comes in a range of colored nylons for $30 or the option of tan or burgundy leather for $50.

As we mentioned, the cover when closed keeps the unit switched off, but once flipped round also acts as a stand for the unit. Sound quality as expected from Bose is pretty good although when wound up to top volume can start to sound a little distorted. Lets just remember that this is a portable audio device so your never going to get the full-bodied feeling that you will from your home system. Price-wise you will be looking at $300 to kick off which is a lot when you consider that there are good quality lower priced devices out there, it just depends on how much you are willing to spend on your portable sounds.

Check out Bose for more details, and tell us if you would commit yourself to spending this much for portable audio?