Galaxy S II LTE Arriving September 28th Canada

Samsung’s new Galaxy S II smartphone is undoubtedly as popular as ever, so much so that they are bang on target to reach their annual sales figure of 10 million sold units. With a white version to speak of now and three US variants on the way for Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, there is yet another model that we recently spoke about the LTE.

Bringing a bigger sized screen and faster processor into the mix, Samsung are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Before we give you a taster of what to expect, we can tell you courtesy of that the new LTE will be available to purchase in Canada on September 28th, well that’s if you’re lucky enough to live in the city of Toronto.

Rogers, who will be retailing the new addition have taken to the social networking site Twitter and spoken of the LTE release and of its availability. Along with this, the company were keen to point out that mobile connectivity for the new Galaxy S II will work from 4G LTE to 3G HSPA+ as soon as the new model is used outside of the LTE network coverage zone.

In terms of those all important specifications, the new LTE will come with a much bigger 4.5-inch screen compared to that of the global model with its 4.3-inch. Display will be that of a Super Amoled Plus alongside a change in processor. Instead of the 1.2GHz found on the standard version, a new 1.5GHz dual-core will be implemented on the LTE.

Other changes noted from an article we recently posted, were that of a smoothed out back panel instead of the textured one already seen with a slight repositioning of the camera. Price wise, expect to pay a little more, although we are a little confused with its launch date. Speculation was already pointing to the handset coming to Europe sometime in 2012 with the possibility that the US may not even see the new Samsung addition, so why Canada will be the first to see it is anybody’s guess?

Of course there are many factors to consider when deciding on your smartphone purchase, price is of course one of the biggest alongside the phone’s spec sheet. Next up will be the device’s speed, possibly size of the screen and camera. Whilst on the subject of processor, check out a post we presented to you yesterday, in which we spoke about chip supplier Qualcomm considering upping their processors to that of 2.5GHz with a release date of 2012.

What are your thoughts on the new Galaxy S II LTE? Will you be purchasing yours from Rogers in Canada?

  • Elise @ Rogers

    Hi there

    I am Elise from Rogers and I was the one tweeting about the Galaxy SII LTE… but I made a mistake. I made a confusion between the launch date of our LTE network in Toronto on September 28, and the launch date of the device, *which is not confirmed yet*. No launch date confirmed at this point for the Samsung Galxy SII LTE :)
    However, existing customers can already reserve the device via our National Reservation System.

  • Primatedc

    THx Elise.

    I don’t know if it’s me and I guess it’s not a huge deal, but if I was representing rogers I would make sure that I didnt say stuff like that because well it might make some already irate customers even more fed up with Rogers failure to get the GSII, but if they launch this before Jan, I’d be VERY happy.

    P.S. Does anyone else have a grammatical problem with this: “I made a confusion between….

    Say it, it just sounds very wrong.