Faster Future Devices: Qualcomm Proclaim 2.5GHz Chips

In order for manufacturers to be β€œa cut above the rest,” devices have to include some pretty impressive specs, currently Samsung takes this title with its new Galaxy S II handset but for how long, we cannot answer this. One key addition that many of the smartphones now offer is that of bigger and faster processors or CPU’s if you prefer.

Samsung’s new Galaxy started off what seems to be a trend with their 1.2GHz dual-core and subsequently other manufacturers have followed suit either equalling this or offering customers a bigger version. Samsung themselves will be bringing out an LTE version of their global phenomenon next year as well as others from Motorola, HTC and Apple and that’s just this side of Christmas.

Next year going by today’s news, will see again bigger 2.5GHz processors either single, dual or quad-core CPU’s. According to Pocketlint, at a recent Innovation event in Turkey, Qualcomm, the largest chip supplier in the world based in California, have announced that their Snapdragon processor will be upped in 2012.

As well as being faster, smartphones will benefit from greater Adreno graphics and easy LTE connectivity, these are just two factors that consumers look for when deciding on their next purchase. Of course an adequate battery size and camera are other must-haves. The new S4 chips as they’re known will give future devices 1080p High Definition and the option of 3D, something of which is becoming increasingly popular, just the other day we gave you news that LG will be bringing out another Optimus 3D version also in 2012. In a very brief statement from Qualcomm’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Jacobs he said, β€œIt’s not about how many cores or how many gigabytes, it’s how well you can optimise the system.”

Interestingly in an article from Todd Haselton over at BGR, other companies are now trying to get in on the act with discussions taking place between NEC, Panasonic, Fujitsu, NTT DoCoMo and Samsung. The aim, to try and develop new chip-sets to compete directly against Qualcomm. NTT DoCoMo’s total investment is in the region of $390 million making them the overall owner of the Japan based venture alongside another(s).

Sorry to mention that word Christmas again, yep I know we are nearly there already, but after the holiday period, we will have a listing of events to look forward to including the CES in January, the Mobile World Congress in February and its one of these two events, that we’ll more than likely to hear about the 2.5GHz Qualcomm processors.

What are your thoughts on yet another faster processor coming to devices? Is this a key factor for you when deciding on your purchase?