Epic Meal Time – 12 Gauge Hot Dog: Another YouTube Viral

We are lovers of the material produced on YouTube including that of the guys at Epic Meal Time. We keep an eye out for the latest in the world’s trending viral videos on YouTube and now we have another classic called 12 Gauge Hot Dog which is already up around the 1 million views marker.

We regularly report on the Epic Meal Time videos, some of the recent ones include the West Coast Burger Pile, the Epic Chicken Burger Combo, Sausage Fest and of course the Meat Shield featuring FPS Russia. All of these videos have a few things in common, they all feature lots of meat, lots of bacon, lots of Jack Daniel’s and quite a bit of bird squawks to drown out the swearing!

This new video is a lot like the others with the exception that one of the characters who acts pretty stupid tries to put the bacon in the dishwasher instead of the oven. It also features some new camera angles for some epic bacon flips one after the other. This episode basically sees the gang making hot dogs and then wrapping them in bacon and then wrapping them in hot dog sausages. It’s all held together with long skewers where my favorite quote from this episode comes in… “Next level Hell Raiser pin head tribute!”

When you get to about two and a half minutes you will hear a lot of bird squawks as the host Harley Morenstein and remember if you want to watch the videos as they come out, then join the EpicMealTime verified Twitter account by clicking here. As always the video is at the bottom of the article.

Is this your new favorite Epic Meal Time video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.