Winklevoss Twins Wave Goodbye To Dignity In Nut Commercial

If you have seen the Social Network movie or have a knowledgeable interest in Facebook then you will know who the Winklevoss twins are. The brothers who claimed that Facebook was their idea and had it stolen from them by Mark Zuckerberg. In the last few years the twins have really mocked themselves by continually trying to get more money unsuccessfully from Facebook, they have just sunken to an even lower level.

Cameron and Tyler have been spotted “acting” in an ad for a brand of pistachio nuts, it even comes with a pun. You can see in the video embedded below how they think that cracking a nut in your fingers is a good idea and how it could be huge! This is an obvious reference to what happened to them with Facebook, they then ask each other if someone would steal the idea? Its a horrible comparison to the Facebook scenario and makes them look really desperate. Its not clear what millionaires are trying to get from this? Attention, money, sympathy?

According to Simply Zesty, the Winklevoss twins settled with Facebook back in 2008 for around $60 million. The fact that the social networking site is now worth over $60 billion must make the twins sick, hence why they are continually pursuing Zuckerberg for more. They have launched multiple lawsuits and come out of each one humiliated and defeated. They even announced that they had given up their quest of taking more money from Facebook, only to try suing them the very next week.

The Winklevoss twins have become a really annoying unpopular figure and this has probably increased that. The brothers never seem to disappear and probably never will all the while Facebook is still successful and making mountains of cash. The twins have more than enough money to get on with their lives and be successful but they have chosen greed. This latest stunt is just another petty dig at Facebook and will accomplish nothing but a day or 2 of attention. Have the Winklevoss twins just waved goodbye to their last bit of dignity?