Samsung Galaxy S II US Ad: Will Others Get FootHold?

With Samsung’s new Galaxy S II smartphone flying off of retailer shelves, do we really need yet another advertisement to convince us that yes, the device is impressive and yes, with sales surging, the company will be able to reach its initial yearly target of 10 million units. Apparently the answer to this is a big fat yes!

Currently the US surprisingly are one of the few left waiting to see the new Sammy device. Whilst the rest of us are now enjoying the 4.3-incher, America have been twiddling their thumbs as to when the device will turn up.

From what we know so far, the Galaxy S II will come as different variants for the US market with news that Sprint will be releasing on September 16th and AT&T shortly after. As for T-Mobile the news remains unclear and for the big red Verizon, their priorities have been with Motorola’s new Droid Bionic which came out tail end of last week.

Just in the last few days, we’ve brought you a variety of articles surrounding the new Galaxy. Next year will see a different version of the phone in the form of an LTE model which will benefit from a bigger 4.5-inch screen and 1.5GHz dual-core processor instead of the standard’s 4.3-inch display and 1.2GHz CPU. In terms of appearance the new addition will be slightly thicker in size, but negativity has already arisen with news that the US may miss out, with rumor having it that Europe including Germany will see it first.

As well as an LTE, a white version is now available, we’ve spoken about the graphics on the Galaxy S II outsmarting all its other rivals, the new Asphalt 6:Adrenaline HD game available to download and so on. brought the new US advertisement to our attention via YouTube and its brilliant. Even If you haven’t any intention of buying the Galaxy S II smartphone, then you will definitely be impressed by the ad’s content. Whilst watching it, you find yourself nodding in agreement where it makes perfect sense, why would we ever strive to be less than 100%?

When have you strived to be less than 100%? Are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy S II? If you already have the handset, we would be interested to hear your comments below, has it lived up to expectation or have you any disappointments?