iPhone 5 UK Release One Carrier Makes Known

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is a huge topic of discussion at the moment and the barrage of rumors keep on coming in. We would like to confidently pinpoint an exact release date for you stateside and for other countries, but unfortunately we can only give you speculation. Apple’s popular iPhone 4 is to be replaced with what many are reporting as a possible new facelift, with a change in specs with the new iOS 5, possible new screen size and dual-core processor, impressive camera and so on, although some may not necessary agree that a new iPhone is needed.

Take HTC’s US boss, just this morning he slated Apple’s device saying that the iPhone is not needed anymore, its uncool. Whatever your reaction to this is, it certainly hasn’t stopped others reporting on it and in general consumers wanting a refreshed version. Just in the last few days, rumors have come in that 150,000 handsets are being produced on a daily basis so Apple have enough to go around, news that iPhone 4 shipping times have been extended from 24 hours to now 1-3 business days, Sprint taking pre-orders, possibly offering its customers unlimited data plans and so on.

Today if rumor of a UK release date has any substance to it, then customers may be able to get hold of the new handset on October 21st. The date has already been thrown around on a number of occasions but this time, it supposedly comes from a member of staff who works for network provider O2. According to KnowYourMobile, an unnamed source or tipster has they’ve been referred to, has dropped the news that the iPhone 5 is getting close with a proposed release date above.

This follows on from yesterday when Vodafone were keen to let on that the iPhone 5 would be available in black and white with 16 and 32GB versions. A product page for the company’s Sure Signal Box had surfaced stating that the iPhone 5 would be compatible with their 3G network, check out the link directly above.

In terms of the new iOS 5, Zdnet.com have reported that the GM version is scheduled to arrive to overseas “assemblers” between September 23rd and the 30th. With this then having to be installed onto devices such as the new iPhone and iPod Touch and shipping with a maximum of 12 days, the iPhone 5 may then arrive the middle of October.

Tell us what you are hoping to see from the new iPhone 5 model? Have you been waiting on its arrival or did you venture into the hands of another brand?