Facebook Branding Interaction: Used More Than Others

Online social networking site Facebook has its many uses, but do we ever consider using it to follow a favorite brand or specific product. In the past here at OSM, we’ve been keen to bring you updates via the world of what’s known as social media and its presence across the internet. Individuals and companies alike are now embracing this very frenzy and coming to grips with what achievements can be gained via its use.

Basic advertising and marketing methods are just the start, as well as organisations leaving dates and times of events and give-aways. A recent study has been carried out by research companies “Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey,” to see what people choose to follow and the sites accessed.

According to Mashable, a number of 1,491 people over the age of 18 across a broad spectrum of the US and their online behaviour was looked into. Respondents were able to fill in a 15 minute online questionnaire. First up, results shown proved that Facebook is the most popular site used for consumers to follow their favorite brand, on comparison to rival site Twitter, the figures shown were 34% as oppose to just 4%. On the site, people benefited from using the tool “Like” to either stipulate that they were already a customer of that specific brand (58%) or (57%) wanted to receive some special discounts and promotional material.

Other figures shown included, a high 77% of people interacting with a brand through just looking at updates and recent posts from that specific brand, whilst a very small 17% engaged with others via brand news and their own feedback, with 13% posting updates about what brands they actually like.

As we mentioned at the start, a huge range of people can benefit from the use of social media and its not just the customer. Businesses, be it small or large could in fact see massive changes if social media is delved into and used in the correct manner suited to that product. An increase could be seen with customer numbers with of course revenue being upped.

So how are businesses doing, the study revealed some interesting stats these included: 78% of consumers “Liking” brands on Facebook said they “Like” fewer than ten brands, just over half said they buy a product after becoming a fan on Facebook with 56% saying that they would recommend a brand to a friend.

Let us know if you follow a specific brand and what is it? Do you log onto Facebook to do so?

  • http://sproutsocial.com Brittany at Sprout Social

    I don’t log into Facebook specifically to follow brand pages, but I do check out my favorites from time to time (especially smaller businesses who do a great job of responding to every comment and post interesting info).

    Personally, I primarily interact with brands on Twitter (seems more conversational), but I also have friends who solely go on Facebook so I could see why the survey results would point in that direction!