UK Gets Complete Star Wars Saga In Blu-ray: Mini Review

A very special film collection from a galaxy far far away has released in the UK today, all 6 Star Wars movies in stunning Blu-ray. George Lucas made the announcement on May 4th ( May the fourth be with you) which got very mixed reactions from fans. What may delight or enrage them even more now is that little changes have been made to parts of the movies.

In the next year Star Wars is expected to be back with a real bang! Not only do we now have the complete saga in breathtaking 1080p high definition quality and sound, we also have a dubious 3D cinema comeback. George Lucas is pulling no punches in re-glorifying the franchise, when it completed itself in 2005 when Revenge of the Sith hit our cinema screens. So firstly, is the Blu-ray launch worth the buy for die hard fans and manic collectors?

Glen Chapman over at Den of Geek has really put in a hard shift and already watched the complete saga in Blu-ray despite its availability of less than 24 hours. The star rating for each film out of 5 is as follows: The Phantom Menace: 2 stars, Attack of the Clones: 2 stars, Revenge of the Sith: 3 stars, A New Hope: 5 stars, The Empire Strikes Back: 5 stars, Return of the Jedi: 3 stars. So a very mixed bag there, as expected the original saga being the more popular. The Blu-ray saga as a whole gets 4 stars. A full and excellent review can be found by following the above link.

The most important thing to take from this is that the picture and sound quality does not disappoint. The main reason behind buying the boxset is for these reasons so it seems like a must have for Star Wars fans. Despite little tweaks that may or may not be good for the story, its certainly worthy of any Jedi. The HD saga can be bought from Amazon for £60, that’s £10 a film with all of the hours of extra that you guys thrive on. If you are a stubborn one who refuses to watch the prequels, then you will be happy to hear the original trilogy is available on Blu-ray by itself, and for free via a promotion from Panasonic.

UK residents who are mad on Star Wars should consider themselves lucky, the saga does not launch in the US until Friday! So take the time to enjoy what could be considered a short period of exclusivity, we will be hearing the strong opinions on this from across the pond soon enough. If this is does not satisfy your dark side then why not get a customized Xbox 360 kitted out in an R2-D2 skin, with C-3PO controllers? Let us know your thoughts on the complete saga re-release in Blu-ray, is it strong with the force?