iPhone 5 Delivery: iPhone 4 Shipping Times Differ

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 is yet to release to the disappointment of many fans, but the latest is that it will arrive during next month. As with many new device arrivals, launch and release dates come and go and in the case of Motorola’s new Droid Bionic, consumers have waited just over nine months to get their hands on it when it officially came to Verizon on September 8th.

As well as reporting on what the possible changes will include to the fifth gen handset, we’ve asked whether alongside the iPhone 5, there will be another as a cheaper alternative, what carriers will reap from the new handset and so on. US carrier Sprint has been in the limelight just recently with rumored news that customers can pre-order the device, that data plans will be unlimited and not the tiered variety being offered by AT&T and rivals Verizon, that 150,000 handsets are being produced daily and so on.

Retailer Vodafone have spoken about black and white versions being available in 16 and 32GB models and lastly we were interested to find out the weekend, peoples’ comments on site Twitter.

A piece of news that filtered through towards the tail end of last week implied that Apple’s iPhone 4 version was still available to purchase, but instead of shipping times of 24 hours, times have now changed to 1-3 business days.

Whether this is enough to assume that the iPhone 5 is indeed on track, who knows, but according to Shane McGlaun over at Slashgear via BGR, when a new product is being taken over and existing stock is available in quantity but shipping times have changed, then its a good indication that the new version will land fairly soon.

A new iPhone version is now wanted by many, although the existing iPhone 4 and 3GS models are still proving extremely popular. Up until now, Apple’s long standing logo and quality products have inspired other manufacturers to bring out their own devices in keeping with what the Cali company are offering. Take the Apple iPad and iPad 2 and the multitude of tablets that have released since its humble beginnings.

We would like to know your thoughts, is this really a good indicator that the iPhone 5 is on its way and soon? Or are we just clutching at straws?

  • Tabgrip for Ipad

    If Apple wants to be the leading provider for tablets phones or PCs, I think its just time for them to release iPhone 5 earlier. The race to provide great tablets phones or PCs are fast paced, Apple doesn’t want that, so come on, can we have our iPhone 5 now?