Galaxy S II All-Rounder: Graphics Surpass Android Others

Up until now, the Samsung Galaxy S II has been dominating the smartphone market and its not surprising. It includes some pretty impressive specs including a 4.3-inch Super Amoled Plus display giving out crisp and clean images, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel to the front, new TouchWiz and so on but its the quality of the graphics that’s caught our eye today.

In the past we’ve compared the new Sammy offering against others which at times could be classed a little out of its league. We’ve looked at its benchmark speed tests, camera compared to Nokia’s new N9, its Amoled display and so on. So what can we tell you about its graphics which as Cnet reported, outdo all other Android devices currently on the market.

The new graphics named “Mali-400” silicon are at the top end scale of what graphics can give to a smartphone, they’ll provided on a design from ARM and live inside Samsung’s Exynos main chip, which according to other sources such as Anandtech give the images that “extra nudge or performance.” In a brief statement from Anandtech they said, “Samsung implemented a 4-core version of the Mali-400.. and its resulting performance is staggering.”

Using the Exynos main 4210 chip, the Samsung Galaxy S II is able to give impressive graphics along with a feature that holds into position the WSVGA resolution of two main LCD displays and also 1080p HDTV display. Samsung were keen to point out that “This is possible due to the capability of Exynos 4210 to support separate post processing pipelines.” It was reported that the only device capable of providing something better was in fact the iPad 2 tablet.

We realise the world of technology is constantly evolving and manufacturers are having to experiment with different materials to give their product that “extra special something.” The speed of which your smartphone can react to tasks is paramount, along with battery life and of course image quality. Screen sizes are varied from different smartphones as are the resolutions, so dependant on the initial silicon used for the graphics, then the faster the pixels can be transferred around the device for various uses.

Before we go, we just wanted to bring you updated news on the US AT&T Galaxy S II or Attain version, rumor has it that it may surface on or around September 18th, with Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch being available two days prior to this on September 16th. Walmart and Wirefly are encouraging consumers to buy from them with low price contract deals. Check out the respective links.

Are you opting for the new Samsung Galaxy S II or whatever the US equivalent is?