Reckless Tweeters Cause Ground Zero Terror Attack News

As the tenth anniversary approaches of the 9/11 attacks that hit across America, we remember those who lost their lives that day and those left behind, many of which will be holding their own special memorials and vigils tomorrow. Just a few days ago, we brought you news of how you could get involved by way of a Facebook “Memorial App.”

The idea behind it is that once accessed, you can choose one of the 3,000 that lost their lives and leave a tribute message. This can be by way of changing your profile photo or updating your status.

Unfortunately as with anything in life, there are always a handful of mindless individuals who prefer to cause havoc and unpleasantness and forget the importance of the day in hand. According to Metro, rival networking site Twitter has been targeted by a small group of hackers by the name of “Script Kiddies.”

Heading on over to the site, they managed to delve into NBC’s news page on the site and started to tweet that Ground Zero which is where the twin towers once stood, was in fact being attacked by terrorists and that a plane had been hijacked and had hit the city again.

In one tweet the group caused panic by saying, “Flight 4782 is not responding, suspected hijacking. One plane just hit Ground Zero site at 5.47 #groundzeroattacked.”

This was then followed with another tweet convincingly saying that “This is not a joke, Ground Zero has just been attacked. We’re aiming to get reporters on the scene.”

Quite understandingly NBC news were deeply saddened by the hacking group and apologised for the tweets that had been sent from their Twitter account. In response they said, “We are working with Twitter to correct the situation and sincerely apologise for the scare that could have been caused by such a reckless and irresponsible act.”

With the days leading up to the tenth anniversary, America has been on high alert that terrorists will hit their country again. President Barack Obama has spoken out on the radio and said, “The terrorists wanted to deprive us of the unity that defines us as a person. But we will not succumb to division or suspicion. We are Americans, and we are stronger and safer when we stay true to the values, freedoms and diversity that makes us unique among nations.”

Can you remember where you were on the 9/11 attacks? I watched with utter shock and disbelief and actually thought I had switched onto a movie part way through? Will you be in NYC paying tribute or perhaps you will be using the Facebook Memorial app?