Twitter Bags Some Beautiful Balls: Ice-Cream Trends

Online social networking site Twitter may not have quite beaten its rival Facebook in terms of user numbers, but its having a pretty good go. Figures are now equating to over 200 million and as well as the likes of you and me accessing the site, celebrity figures are as well. Articles we’ve brought you in the past have varied somewhat with news just yesterday of how forthcoming game Fifa 12 was causing many of you to tweet away, tributes and messages of sadness have in the past been left for those who are no longer with us, how companies are taking to the site to promote their brands and so on.

What caught our eye and we have to say tickled us, was news of Ben & Jerry’s new flavor ice-cream and its promotion across Twitter. Their new limited edition with “Schweddy Balls” will get those taste buds certainly going. The vanilla dessert will now contain fudge covered rum and malt balls and has got a fair few of you talking about it, so much so that’s it become a trending topic on the site. As Mashable reported, percentage wise, 44% of the first 27,508 tweets expressed humor towards the new ice cream name, whilst 46% were neutral and a small 10% disagreed with the new flavor and name.

To advertise the Schweddy Balls, US actor Alec Baldwin and actress Molly Shannon feature together in a video clip which we’ve embedded for you below. It shows Baldwin playing the part of Pete Schweddy accepting a compliment from Shannon who plays Terry Rialto, “Wow you have some beautiful balls.”

A spokesperson for Ben & Jerry’s Sen Greenwood was keen to comment by saying, “We’ve always been a company that has had a sense of humor.” Facebook have too been joining in, click here to “Like” the new product.

We didnt realise that the popular brand had in fact founded back in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont by two lifelong friends Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen. The company provides not just ice-cream that many of us associate with the name, but frozen yoghurt and sorbet. Look out for next “Free Cone Day” which will take place in 2012, normally between the months of March and May. Customers at the shops will benefit from free ice cream cups or cone. As wikipedia states, over one million free cones are given out each year.

Tell us what your thoughts are towards the new ice-cream and name choice? Will you be trying to get your hands on their balls!