StumbleUpon Helps Couple Plan For Their Big Day

StumbleUpon which acts almost like a search engine was initially founded in November 2001. It gives it users the opportunity to find and then recommend various content to other people. Dependant on what a persons taste is, the content is designed to fit around it and once users have had a chance to look at the photos, video or even the descriptive material, then ratings from that person can be applied. Other benefits to rating a topic, mean that individuals or stumblers as they’re known will get to share the same views and interests as you.

In the long run it cuts down on time searching for something particular and then having to sift through pages upon pages. Click on the link to send you direct to StumbleUpon’s official website address, here you will read that nearly 500 topics can be accessed.

Now that we’ve touched on that, we wanted to tell you about the couple that were already in love, are now engaged with the arduous task of planning for their wedding day.

According to Sarah Kessler at Mashable, the couple by the name of Marquita Arguello and boyfriend Tyrel Hartman will be tying the knot. How did the proposal come about? 23-year old Arguello and her boyfriend Hartman had already been dating and as stated didn’t own a TV. Using the web as a way of communication purposes, Arugello came across a photo of her boyfriend.

To catch her attention, 26-year old Hartman had pulled together 11 photos of which written signs had been attached on his Tumblr blog. The signs read, “To my best friend…Whom I love, you are so amazing, and so smart, even more beautiful. So on this day, I want to ask you: Will you marry me.”

Luckily the answer to this was a straight-forward YES! Using StumbleUpon and their support team, Hartman communicated with the team by sending them an email saying, “I’m exploring ways to propose to my beautiful girlfriend and I think I have finally thought of something worth while.”

With everything set up by StumbleUpon, they managed to co-ordinate the site with exact timing of when Arguello would access the proposal site. Technical issues were a slight problem beforehand which were soon rectified. Unfortunately it delayed the proposal that Arguello was about to find but when she did Stumble upon it, she agreed.

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Tell us have you ever used StumbleUpon? We personally don’t think that the site gets enough publicity, it sounds like a great idea!