Apple Are Hiring: Security Needed To Protect iPhone 6

With the recent iPhone 5 prototype bar loss fiasco, Apple are looking to call in reinforcements to stop this from happening again. Twice now their employees have misplaced the handsets, which is 2 times too many by Apple’s standards. Embarrassing leaks and revelations have not been rare in Cupertino and now the world’s most valuable technology company is looking to hire 2 new product security managers.

We are still awaiting the launch of the iPhone 5 which has been the subject of speculation all summer and is due out in October. 2012 will see the launch of the iPhone 6 and Apple are moving to make sure that it is not lost or leaked again. Sadly the security vacancies are not open to the regular night watchman, nightclub bouncer or mall cop, you must be an expert in the field with a degree and years of experience, Electric Pig reports. So what exactly does it take to qualify for the job which involves safe guarding Apple’s newest innovations and intellectual property?

Well firstly to be even considered for the position, Apple are asking that candidates have an MS degree in risk management or security management, 5 years experience also required. Travel will reportedly be a large part of the job, 30% dedicated to moving products from location to location safely. The prototypes must be tested in various labs and left with network providers before they can be released; we recently saw this with the iPhone 5.

The new security managers will need to oversee these duties and ensure no products are lost, damaged or stolen. In addition to this they will also be tasked with managing risks associated with unreleased products. According to Cnet, an Apple employee accidentally gave a customer internal media and documents when they were servicing a laptop. A company of Apple’s stature should not be displacing sensitive information like this, highlighting the need for extra security. Will these new appointments stop future leaks and mishaps from occurring?