Klout Tracking Infuence Milestone: 100 Million Scores

Many of you will have heard of and also used Klout, which has seen rapid growth and success in its three years of existence. The platform uses social media analytics to measure a user’s social networking influence and news today is that it has now reached a milestone of 100 million scores.

We recently wrote about how Klout is to start using additional services for its scoring system, Blogger, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Last.fm, with Google+ to come in the future. It’s hoped that by adding these sites to existing used services, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, a more complete picture of a person’s social networking influence can be attained. Whatever Klout’s plans, it certainly seems to be working at the moment, as the company announced yesterday that it has now calculated the scores of over a 100 million people.

Jennifer Van Grove over on Mashable points out that although this doesn’t yet mean Klout has 100 million service users it is now tracking scores of over a 100 million people using the web. Joe Fernandez, Klout CEO and co-founder, said, “One hundred million people with Klout Scores means that there are 100 million voices effectively leveraging the social web to share their opinions, hopes and dreams and shaping the decisions of the billions of people now listening to them.”

Klout has already made a big impact as a measurement tool and this new milestone will see the company appeal to more brands and marketers who will no doubt look to harness their fans and customers who have the most social media influence. We’d like to know if you’ve used Klout yet and what you think of this social media influence-tracking platform. Have you found it useful and what do you think of the milestone reached by the company already? Let us know with your comments.