iPhone 5: 150,000 Daily, Apple Taking No Chances

After what seems to be a lifetime we are finally hoping to see Apple’s latest generation of iPhone appearing in a launch over the coming weeks. It feels like an age away that the 5th gen device first started the rumor mill with a multitude of speculation over what we wanted to see adoring the next handset. Obviously with an imminent unveiling due, production through Foxconn is said by Slash Gear to be frantic.

Apple has pushed their original engineering manufacturer in anticipation of large sales figures. According to a source for DigiTimes, 150,000 units are rolling off the production line everyday. If these quantities are kept up then a target of 5-6 million devices will be ready in September with Quarter 4 this year seeing over 22 million units. Manufacture of the current GSM and CDMA version iPhone 4’s will of course see a decline as the new model rises in popularity.

There has been comments that initial supply can only be limited by Foxconn’s potential output, with Pegatron who we reported on awhile ago rumored to have secured 15-percent of manufacturing for the 5th gen iPhone, although sources claim that they will not start shipping until 2012. It will be interesting to see how supply works once the device hits the shelves.

Other talks revolve around the supposed iPhone 5-prototype breakdown images, which landed earlier on this week. If the pictures are to be believed then we will see an increase in screen size, matched by an improvement in camera up to 8 mega-pixels. This will be accompanied by an increase in lens quality and all encapsulated in a thinner, though slightly wider handset. It looks very much like Apple has fallen in line with a larger screen size to save face against its competitors like Samsung, Motorola and HTC.

We are sure that as with all things Apple, the first reveal will wow the crowd and with possible changes to the look and overall design the iPhone 5 will no doubt impress. Hopefully the previous problems that hampered the iPhone 4 surrounding the antenna issues will not follow on to the 5. Apple certainly will not appreciate any bad press come post launch and will have checked and double checked to make sure that the new device is at the top of it’s game.

Android manufacturers will be looking at Apple’s new toy and readying themselves against the competition. Tell us if you are hanging on to see what Apple have created, will you be first in line come order time?