YouTube Viral Video: West Coast Burger Pile – Epic Meal Time

We all love the occasional funny YouTube clip, some people more than others. At OSM we strive to bring you the latest clips that are classed as viral being seen by thousands and sometimes millions. There’s a group that we regularly report on who often hit the million marker with their clips and they are the Epic Meal Time crew and now they have published yet another YouTube viral video, this time it’s called West Coast Burger Pile.

For those of you who are unaware of who the Epic Meal Time gang are, they basically come up with an idea to do with food and turn it into something more than that. In other words, picture in your mind the biggest burger you have ever seen, hold that thought… Now multiply it by about fifty, you are up to about the scale that these guys make it too.

We have reported on quite a few of their videos in recent months and we enjoy it even more when they collaborate with other YouTube stars such as FPS Russia. Now they have gone and added their new clip with some guys that are described as YouTube magicians because of the special effects they apply to their clips.

As always you can expect the usual things from the gang… Over the top commentary, swearing replaced with a bird squawk, lots of food, Jack Daniel’s and you guessed it BACON! They end up with something that doesn’t really resemble any one thing, hence the name of the video. This was a pretty impressive clip as when they are actually eating there are a few nice effects thrown in by the guys they are collaborating with. I think I have a new favorite Epic Meal Time clip, do you?

The video has managed almost 800,000 views since it was uploaded on September 5th and its continuing to rise rapidly, as always you can view it at the bottom of the article and when you do, don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you thought about it.