Beat Rising Tuition Fees With Groupon’s New Discount: 60% Off Uni!

Groupon is a handy service to use if you are looking for discounts on restaurants and day trips, but what if you are looking to save on some of the more expensive things? One of the most expensive things today is University education, so Groupon for the first time has partnered with an institution to offer huge savings on a Uni course. Rising tuition fees are everywhere so this new type of discount comes at useful time.

For now Groupon will be offering a 60% discount off a graduate teaching training course at the private, Chicago-based National Louis University. Groupon’s educational operation is starting small but they are hoping they can expand this new type of deal. Here in the UK, many tuition fees will rise up to as much as £9000 a year from 2012, previously the maximum amount charged could only be in the region of £3500 a year. If this deal goes well and proves a success, it is very possible that more discounts in more countries will be offered.

According to Tech Radar, the teacher training course which is looking for 15 new students will be offered for $950, its regular price being $2232. Groupon’s director of communications, Julie Mossier, has said that “This is… an opportunity for our subscribers to take the first step toward what could be a new career”. No longer will the location based discount service give us cheaper food and theme park trips, they will now make it cheaper for us it learn and try to open up doors to new careers.

Naturally to begin with, there will only be a small amount of discount deals for the cheaper tuition so be quick and check the site each day. Groupon look to be taking this new kind of offer seriously so expect to see more Universities sign up to similar deals. Hopefully these discounts can be brought to Europe also, fees are soaring everywhere and it needs to stop. Facebook has now stopped their deals service so this could actually help Groupon. Do you think the discount tuition deal will be successful? Let us know if you think this is a good idea by leaving a comment.