Why Verizon’s Droid Bionic Could Give iPhone 5 a Run for its Money

We are now only 2 days away from the release of the Motorola Droid Bionic and the excitement is building up. From previous comments to our Droid Bionic articles we know that many of our readers are waiting for this impressive Android handset. Today we wanted to look at why the Droid Bionic could give the iPhone 5 a run for its money.

As the Droid Bionic launch gets closer we’ve recently given you a preview and video, queried the sense of the Samsung Stratosphere in releasing at the same time, also on Verizon, and also wondered if the late release of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the US would benefit the Droid Bionic or iPhone 5. We’ve looked at the Bionic against the iPhone 5 before but now we are so close to the launch of the Bionic we know much more in the way of specs and features. Nothing is yet confirmed for the iPhone 5 due to Apple’s notorious secrecy but there is more and more widespread speculation about what is expected to appear, such as the 8-megapixel camera we referred to earlier today.

So why do we think the Droid Bionic has a chance up against the iPhone 5 when many people are devoted Apple enthusiasts and the latter already has a loyal fanbase? Over on International Business Times, Elias Samuel has listed 10 reasons why the iPhone 5 doesn’t have a chance against the Bionic. Although we think this may be overstating it a bit, especially as any iPhone will always sell in vast numbers, the points are interesting nonetheless. Indeed the Droid Bionic does seem so impressive that we are certain it will be a sure rival for the iPhone 5, especially as there will not be a Galaxy S II variant on Verizon.

Among the pointers raised by Samuel is the fact that the Droid Bionic is definitely 4G LTE-capable. Now that more and more areas are receiving Verizon’s LTE network, this is something that consumers will increasingly desire. Although there is no confirmation yet for the iPhone 5 it seems unlikely that it will have LTE connectivity, even if it supports 4G. Memory on the Droid Bionic can also be expanded with an SD card whereas no iPhone’s so far have had removable storage, although they usually have notable internal storage. Nevertheless, this is something that many iPhone users would like to see.

The Droid Bionic also has HDMI support meaning you can connect your handset to monitors, HD TV’s and tablets for larger content screening. This is something that is not likely to appear on the iPhone 5. Another feature of the Droid Bionic is its large 4.3-inch qHD display. Although many iPhone fans prefer its Retina Display it doesn’t look as though the screen size of the iPhone 5 will be much larger than around 3.7-inches, 4-inches at most. An extra feature that the Droid Bionic will receive is WebTop application, for expanded use of your smartphone, something not applicable to the iPhone 5 and of course the Bionic will also have Flash support, notoriously lacking in the iPhone.

Steve Taylor over on Gizmo Crunch also points out the replaceable battery of the Droid Bionic, particularly useful for dual-core processor phones, however the iPhone has a fixed battery. Thus there do seem to be plenty of reasons why the Droid Bionic could give the next iPhone a run for its money. One advantage the iPhone 5 could have is its expected price of around $199 at entry level (unconfirmed). However the Droid Bionic is being launched with a price of $299 on contract although we told how Costco will be offering it as a bundle with free accessories, making it more affordable.

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out, with the release of the Droid Bionic and the iPhone 5 launch looming. We’ll be keeping you informed with all the developments for these handsets so do check back with us. Are you an iPhone fan determined to wait for the iPhone 5 regardless of its specs, or could you be swayed by the Motorola Droid Bionic? Maybe you have intended to purchase the Droid Bionic from the off? Why not let us know with your comments.

  • jamin cousar

    I saw the commercial Sunday on television saying the release date would be on the 8th. Why is it that it’s Tuesday and Verizon nor Motorola have released the official specs or made a live page for the phone and it’s 2 days from release?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWT6LWZZTFXXQFEMSWS5GH5ALA Gee Rob

    waiting for it.