Take “Note” With New Samsung Galaxy: Specs & Hefty Price

It seems there was a time when the only name we heard within the phone and tablet world was Steve Jobs company Apple, how the tables have turned! Ok, so there’s no getting away from the fact that Apple’s iPad first and second generation devices have and are, outshining all competitors and we still have the iPhone 5 to look forward to, but Samsung seem to be stealing a lot of the limelight at the present time.

Not only have the Korean company braced their presence with a new Galaxy 10.1 tablet but a multitude of mobile phone devices, the most popular being that of the Galaxy S II. Already released and being cherished on a global scale, Stateside the story is somewhat different, they are still waiting for its arrival. Here at OSM we seem to be reporting about the phone on a daily basis and just this morning, we gave you news about a new LTE version which is rumored to be hitting Europe next year. This will bring a bigger sized dual-core processor as well as bigger 4.5-inch screen.

So what’s this about yet another Sammy device, the Galaxy “Note.” Announced at the IFA in Berlin last week, the device has been constructed to be a large tablet phone. With a screen size of 5.3-inches and a HD Super Amoled display with as theinquirer.net reported an 800×1280 resolution, the Note will come with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel to the front, a “Smartpen” or “S” stylus for control over the screen, 16GB of internal storage and so on.

Interestingly before we let you know its approximate price, Engadget has spoken about the Note’s benchmark test results. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Note produces a score of 3,624 compared to 3,396 which when looking at the size of dual-core processor between both is no surprise.

If there’s one snag to the Note, then its got to be the price, in fact a hefty €715 or converted $1,000 in the US. Indications are showing that America may not even receive the new Galaxy Note, so this is something that we will have to follow up on. Click here to head on over to Phones Review in which a “5.3 Sketching” video can be seen. It only lasts some two minutes but it shows an unnamed artist sketching out a portrait.

Give us your thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy Note? Interested or is the price putting you off straight away?