Samsung Galaxy S II LTE: Bigger & Better Than Standard

With just a few more days left to go before the Motorola Droid Bionic’s supposed release date and news that Apple’s iPhone 5 is nearly here, the smartphone market is definitely hotting up. Another contender that has already surfaced in most countries apart from America is that of Samsung’s Galaxy S II handset that is wowing consumers left, right and center. We’ve made no bones about our love for the Galaxy S II and to spice things up a little further, a new white version has just hit retailer shelves.

But what you want to know is news of the Galaxy S II LTE model and its differences. Already mentioned by us just a matter of weeks ago, the 4G LTE model was just recently announced putting pay to subsequent rumors a few months ago. Heating up the competition amongst its rivals, the new LTE version will include a much bigger dual-core processor of 1.5GHz as oppose to the standard Galaxy S II’s 1.2GHz. Up until now, the Galaxy S II as well as a fair few other handsets have started to include the dual-core processor, therefore increasing the speeds needed to access tasks on the device.

According to Pocketlint, its not just the faster processor that will benefit the new Samsung, there are also slight design changes to take into consideration. First up the new LTE offering as well as being a little thicker, includes a different shape, as described by Dan Sung it neatly sits in the middle of the standard Galaxy S II with its square shape and softened corners and the Nexus S.

Next up a big change is that of the screen size, from what was a 4.3-inch on the standard Galaxy S II model to a 4.5-inch Super Amoled Plus display.

Other changes noted when looking at the device at the recent IFA event in Berlin include, a smoothed out back panel with the camera being slightly repositioned and the flash now sitting directly on top of the camera lens.

Blatantly the LTE version is something to be worried about but is it enough to walk all over others such as the Droid Bionic, iPhone 5, some big names from HTC such as the Vigor, Amaze or even the Holiday and around Thanksgiving we have the Google Nexus Prime to look forward to.

For now we will have to wait and see, the US is still no nearer to getting their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II, but the one advantage they have over the UK for instance is the support for LTE. According to the Galaxy S II LTE arrival in Europe will hit stores next year with T-Mobile offering the device in Germany within the second quarter.

Let us know what you think about the new LTE version? Would you be tempted away from the standard version when it arrives?