5th Gen iPod Touch Delayed Because Of Slow iPhone 5 Launch

The iPhone 5 delay has not only frustrated iPhone fans but it has also probably frustrated iPod fans. Each year sees a new Apple media device hit shelves, normally being unveiled in early September. The iPhone does not normally clash with the iPod as it should have been unveiled at the WWDC in June; but things have been different this year. It seems the iPhone 5 has delayed the iPod Touch 5.

American’s yesterday celebrated Labor Day, in normal cases Apple would have held their event in the first week of September but they have now passed up this opportunity. All of the signs are pointing to an early October launch for the iPhone 5, this coming in the way of a Best Buy leak revealing their offering on Sprint. Other hints come from an “Apple source” which claims New Zealand will get the smartphone on October 9th.

According to Beatweek, Apple were supposed to unveil the iPod Touch 5 which runs on iOS 5 this week. The new iPod and OS comes with exciting new features such as iMessages, allowing all devices like iPhone and iPad to communicate for free with IM, just like BBM. It would appear that the iPhone 5 delay has put back the “Fall” appearance of iOS 5. Many expected the Steve Jobs resignation to be the factor which brought on the unveil event, the closest we have had to a reveal is the prototype apparently lost in a bar.

It is likely that Apple will either launch the new iPhone and iPod together, or the iPod after the iPhone has been taken care of. We expect to see iOS 5 rolled out with the iPhone 5 but nothing is a certainty yet. IT Pro Portal reports that for this year’s edition of the iPod Touch, a white version will be offered for the first time. Which model are you waiting for and how much longer will you do so? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.

  • Aha

    I am waiting for new iPod Touch, best (if rumor will be true) with 3G module. But if it will take more than 3-4 week to announcement from today, I will let Apple do what they want go to something else. Maybe even smartphone – BlackBerry Torch looks great and is much cheaper than iPhone.

  • guest

    i am waiting for 5g but i dont know if it’ll be better than the 4g or worse?!?

  • Jmanbyrd

    why won’t they come out with them already. We’ve been waiting so long and they say it will come out soon. I means it’s so big right now and we’re waiting and waiting and waiting. can’t wait for them to come out soon……