“Rip Off 3D Is A Disgrace”- Hollywood Director Justin Lin

When 3D is done properly in a movie it is normally a breath taking and gripping visual experience. It now seems that time after time we being ripped off by greedy Hollywood film studios; surprisingly a Hollywood director has spoken out and condemned what is happening. The film maker is Justin Lin who recently worked on blockbuster movie, Fast & Furious 5.

Lin was interviewed by Tech Radar and revealed that there were discussions with Hollywood about making this movie in 3D. It turns out that the plan was to shoot it in 2D and then convert it into 3D, this is the same con many of us are falling for time and time again. Lin clearly feels passionate about the films he makes and fought against the Fast 5 movie being sold in 3D as it had not been done properly. Sales of cheap 3D begun to decline but they then started to sharply rise upon the release of Transformers 3.

Lin feels that the 3D film proposition he got was a money motivated business based one and would not benefit the movie. He says that “ripping off fans by making them pay more money for cheap 3D is a disgrace”. He then went on to say that “a filmmaker of (James) Cameron’s stature or Peter Jackson’s” should be the ones to explore and make movies in true 3D as they would also have the right finances. Fellow Director Christoper Nolan also rejected 3D for his 2012 blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises”. Another nice sign of a man who cares more about his film an a few extra pounds on a cinema ticket; the film will make millions anyway!

Naturally a film will cost far more to make if it is recorded in 3D, but the vast quality it will yield will be worthy of its heavier cinema price tag. In a report about “Fake 3D” by Gizmodo, they claim that for true 3D, the movie must be shot using 2 cameras from slightly different perspectives to give depth. Many of the “3D” films we watch today are recorded with just the one camera. Whats even more insulting is that we are paying almost £10 for a “fake 3D” cinema ticket each time we visit.

I do not mind paying more money to see a film in 3D but only if the quality is worth it, I am sure this is the same for all other movie lovers. What the film studios fail to mention is whether their movie is shot in 3D or has been converted. Horrible cheap 3D on great films this year has been everywhere; Harry Potter 8, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4…the list goes on. You will delighted to hear that Star Wars will be back on the big screen in 2012 after being converted into 3D! Excited movie fans expecting to see lightsabers swoosh past their faces will fall into the trap and leave bitterly disappointed.

Now that virtually every other film in our cinemas is 3D, it looks like it is a theme that is here to stay. Of course from a film fan’s point of view this is great, but when we go week in week out for the same cheap 3D scam, it gets very frustrating. It would be fair if movie makers told us if their movie had been either recorded or converted into 3D before we see it, that would have a big influence on my decision, what about yours? Let us know your feelings on this by leaving a comment.