Google Maps Used For Marriage Proposal: Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Google Maps is arguably one of the handiest tools you can have on a smartphone, the power in your hand to navigate the world! You would of course expect a Google employee to be a specialist at operating the Maps service, but software engineer Ari Gilder has found another practical use for the app. He used it to propose to his girlfriend by sending her off on a scavenger hunt.

The idea behind the geeky marriage proposal was to have his girlfriend Faigy, walk to 6 different locations which reminded her of their relationship together. The 7th and final destination she would go to would be her waiting boyfriend, ready to ask for her hand in marriage. A red rose would be given to her by a waiting friend at each location where a photo would also be taken. Faigy navigated New York with the Google Maps app on her Google Nexus One smartphone, according to Mashable.

You can see the path that Faigy took around New York via the image above. The locations she visited ranged from a dance bar to a lighthouse on Roosevelt Island, Gilder revealed this heart warming story on his Google blog. Upon arriving at the locations, the picture would be taken and the red rose handed over by the waiting friend. Faigy would then be asked to check into the location and the friend would ask a personal question based on her relationship. The answer to the personal question would be the password required to enable the route to the next location. Gilder and some of his friends built this custom app especially for the occasion.

He revealed that the 7th and final location she was led to was the most special and prompted the big question. Humorously Gilder did not actually reveal her answer to his proposal, he just said “I’ll leave it to you to guess what her answer was!” We are pretty sure it was a yes, I don’t think this carefully planned proposal would have been revealed if the answer was anything else. Who ever said geek couldn’t be romantic? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.