Facebook Blooper Lets Admins Kick Out Original Fan Page Creator

Facebook has made a pretty bad mistake on the site which allows the creator of a fan page to be highjacked by his fellow administrators. Normally Mark Zuckerberg and his army of technicians are pretty sharp on stopping things like this, but a pretty big flaw has been overlooked here. There is however some debate as to whether the blooper Facebook has made is accidental or not.

Let us explain…Now when somebody creates a Facebook fan page, they are the administrator and the sole person who can edit and control said page. If this page is for a big organization or the official fan page of a celebrity, it may require more than one person to administrate it. The original creator of the page can now invite other people to become co-admins, giving them the same rights and powers. All that is needed to become a page admin is of course an ID and password provided by the page’s creator.

So now there are a few admins who all have equal rights and access to the fan page, if an admin abuses their abilities they can be removed by others, here’s where the problem is. According to Mashable, in Facebook’s FAQ they say that “the original creator of the Page may never be removed by other Page admins.” This is not the case, admins invited by the page creator can now remove the original admin from the site, effectively taking over the fan page. You can see a real life example of this in the video embedded below.

It would seem this Facebook mistake is a rogues dream; however some believe there is nothing wrong and the site is working as intended. If the page creator wanted to give co-admins the same rights, then are they accepting that they are giving equal power, including the ability to ban other admins? Well if this is the case then Facebook’s FAQ is contradicting as it claims an invited admin can never remove the creator. Either way Facebook has left a confusing situation for its users and this should be addressed soon. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced a problem or situation like this.