Apple Continue To Rain On Samsung’s Parade: Galaxy Tab 7.7

Many of you will have been keeping up with the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung where they have been locked in combat over patents and all sorts of things. Apple seems to be getting the better of Samsung in the courts and now they continue to rain on Samsung’s parade by having the Galaxy Tab 7.7 pulled from their IFA conference.

We learned of the latest tugging through an article over on Engadget by Amar Toor who says that there’s an injunction blocking the sales of the recently unveiled Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany. Over at FOSS Patents there’s an article that talks of how the device has been pulled from booths on the floor and that there’s been an official statement released which has been quoted on YonhapNewsAgency as shown below.

This could be quite a serious blow for Samsung as their other tablet the Galaxy Tab 10.1 had a similar injunction. Some may remember that Apple were actually allowed a sneak peek at Samsung’s forthcoming devices and when Samsung asked for the same from Apple, the courts simply said no. You have to wonder if this is Apple being a little bit worried by competitors for the iPad, but I also wonder if they are using the courts to try and eliminate their competitors. In a way it’s a good strategy, stop your competitors getting to the shelves and you stop their potential sales. You have to remember that the courts wouldn’t stop a company selling a product unless there was some evidence of a patent infringement so Samsung must have done something wrong for the courts to rule in Apple’s favor. You might also want to read an article over on Bloomberg by Jun Yang who explains how things are looking in terms of shares for Samsung around the time of the ruling.

What do you think of the latest actions in the Apple vs Samsung court battle? Let us know your thoughts on the whole situation in the comments section below.