Trending Topics On Twitter In August: Most Popular 10

Each week as you may know, we feature a chart of the top 10 Twitter trends for the past 7 days. We also roundup the most popular trends of the last month and it is now time to do this for August. Last week’s and month’s most popular trend was Football/soccer but can it recreate its massive success? Plenty of challengers are pushing for the top spot, UK riots and Hurricane Irene in contention. As usual our chart is based on a compilation of trends provided kindly by Matt Silverman of Mashable.

Starting the big countdown at number 10 is Chris Brown who received plenty of love from the launch of his new song titled “boy in detention”. Brown collaborated with Twitter sensation Justin Bieber who helped the cause. Fellow American artist Lil Wayne is at 9 for the release of his new album “Tha Carter IV” which was also the subject of a ton of tweets. Hashtags like “#ThingsBetterThanTheCarterIV” soon starting spreading around the site.

Another American musical act are in the chart at 8, boy band the Jonas Brothers. The trio are always getting best wishes and birthday greetings from fans, but on occasions there are ill feelings between their fans and the fans of Taylor Swift who used to date Joe Jonas. TV show Jersey Shore is next up as it regularly trended for returning to our screens. Many tweeters talked about clothing manufacturer Abercrombie and Fitch who challenged the show’s actors not to wear their clothes.

UK boy band One Direction was the 6th most popular trend in August, mainly in part because of their new single release. “What makes you beautiful” got a massively positive response from fans with many cheeky tweets requesting the boys take off their clothes. A huge trend from the end of August is at 5, Hurricane Irene. The storm caused chaos on the Eastern US coast with Twitter users look to keep each other informed of its path.

The 4th most popular topic of discussion last month was Korean pop group Super Junior. Band members celebrated birthdays as well as being congratulated for their recent win with hit song “Mr. Simple”. The chart is coming to its climax now and in 3rd place is the UK Riots. England was plagued with crowds of protesters, looters and vandals who caused chaos throughout the country. Many of the rioters used Twitter to organize attacks and the government was considering having the site temporarily banned, but in the end this plan was abandoned.

The runner up for August is Justin Bieber who’s place in the trends chart is more assured than tomorrow’s sunrise. The Canadian star trended for cutting this friend’s hair, pretending to be “Derek Bieber” and also his fans wanting a Christmas album. That leaves only 1 mighty trend standing and Football/Soccer has done it again. This seemingly immovable force was at the top again as Twitter discussed Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, the start of the Premier League season and the transfer deadline day window.

So that’s all of your trends for the month of August, is there anything out there that can stop Football? If you missed last month’s chart or the one from last weekend you can catch up by following the links. We are always interested to hear from our readers so why not let us know what you think by leaving a comment.