4OD App Available For iPhone Now- Android Still Waiting

The iPhone experience just got even better as owners can now catch up on their favorite channel 4 shows. The 4 On Demand (4OD) app has been available for the iPad since May and now the long awaited version for iPhone and iPod Touch is here. One of the most popular activities on today’s smartphones is in fact streaming and app browsing so this one will be a welcomed edition to the store.

The app will allow iPhone and iPod owners to watch back all Channel 4 shows within 7 days, others for an extended period of time which can be as much as 3 months. The service is Wi-Fi only so if you have an all you can eat data plan and wanted to watch whilst on the move with 3G, sadly you will be out of luck. The 4OD app is available to download for free in the App Store and delivers smooth high quality video. According to Electric Pig you will need iOS 4 and above to use the app.

The BBC has had their rival iPlayer app out for some time now, making it a matter of importance that Channel 4 rolled theirs out. The Drum reports that the app was developed for Channel 4 by “The Nice Agency”, their managing director Ryan Hall saying: “The whole point of having 4oD in your pocket is to give users access to their favourite Channel 4 content, whenever and wherever, they are!”

Apple’s big rival Android is still yet to see Channel 4’s app so it looks like a small advantage has been gained. Android also has BBC’s iPlayer app but it is still not known when they will be able to enjoy on demand shows like Deal or No Deal, Shameless and The Inbetweeners. There is an alternative though, Android users can use the desktop version through the web browser but it requires Adobe Flash 10.3. Will you be downloading this free on demand app?

  • http://twitter.com/CyberMaxpower Matt

    NO! going to have to wait for the Android version :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/T.Jay.212 Tipu Mehbub Jalil

    how long till Android version comes out

  • alex

    Android please…

  • Hunter2k

    Oh look another apple exclusive app makes me sick

  • Stevie P

    the website works fine on android – we have flash!