Samsung Galaxy Note: Large Screen & Dual-core Processing

The tablet PC world is one that has been changing a lot in the last year or so, Apple took a market that was failing and turned it on its head with the iPad and from there it has grown. We have seen a number of devices released since then and now we have another in the Samsung Galaxy Note which has a large screen and dual core processing!

It looks as if Samsung is trying to cover all bases in terms of screen size, when you think about the devices they already have on the market there’s the Samsung Galaxy smartphone series where we are finding 4-inch and upwards in screen size. The other devices that we see screen variation in are their tablet PCs; they have the original Galaxy Tab which found some success during Apple’s dominance as well as their new Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now their latest smartphone is blurring the lines between tablet and smartphone with its 5.3-inch screen which has a stylus as well.

Of course, the handset has Google’s Android Gingerbread OS but it’s layered with TouchWiz on the top. What this device is offering that’s so good and so different is the SDK to third party developers for the touch-optimized interface that Engadget say has been dubbed the “S Pen” to make different apps for. This could end up being a particularly good device as it crosses that barrier between smartphone and tablet and although others have failed in their attempts, this one has the S-Pen which makes it unique.

With the dual-core processing at 1.4GHz per core, this has some good power behind it and it’s surprisingly thing and light. Head over to Engadget for further details and some juicy shots of it from Samsung’s recent event.

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