Google+ Plateaus: Has it Peaked Already?

We’ve been bringing you news on Google+, the latest social networking site, since its recent launch and have recently told about verification badges being added, Google+ Games and how Klout intends to add Google+ to its scoring system. It’s fair to say that the initial success of Google+ was pretty astounding but today we’re looking at whether Google+ has indeed peaked already.

At the beginning of August we told how Google+ had passed 25 million users already but new data shows that the traffic and time spent using Google+ seems to have peaked in mid-July and has since leveled. Research from Experian Hitwise shows that for the week of July 16 users were spending 5 minutes and 50 seconds on the site, according to Todd Wasserman over on Mashable, sourced from Bloomberg. By the end of August the weekly time had plateaued to 5 minutes and 47 seconds.

If we then look at visitor figures for the same week of July 16, traffic had risen by a phenomenal 283% that week. For the week that ended on August 27 visits in the US to Google+ had fallen by 5.5% to 1.16 million for the week. Experian Hitwise previously issued a report in late July on Google+, which found traffic and time spent at that time was in decline. The average amount of visits since then has gone down although the average time spent on the site has gone up slightly to 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

We should point out that the figures that Hitwise take into account do not include mobile apps visitors and those accessing the site through the Google navigation bar. Also, Google+ is still in trial. ComScore will issue its own figures for Google+ traffic for August next week and it will be interesting to say what the rival measurement company has to report, as its figures for July differed from the findings of Experian Hitwise.

From experience we did note an initial flurry of enthusiasm for Google+ that seems to have died down somewhat but we’d be interested to hear what you think? Let us have your comments on this.

  • Paul

    It’s definitely already peaked. After the initial rush from hard core techies and people who wanted to be first in the door it’s been stagnant at best.