Epic Meal Time – Epic Chicken Burger Combo Goes Viral

As many of you who are regular readers will know, we love to report on the latest and greatest YouTube videos from different people. We often add articles talking about the latest Epic Meal Time videos which always go viral, the new one is called Epic Chicken Burger Combo!

Some of the ones we have previously reported on include the last one Sausage Fest, before that the Meat Shield and also one called The Ostrich Nest. The latest one kicks off with the gang buying the ingredients for their massive chicken merger burger which consists of all sorts of fast food burgers from various fast food takeaways.

As always, you can expect to see masses of meat, bacon and booze. The latest episode sees the return of their new equipment, the meat grinder, which they use to grind up all the burgers. There’s also that bacon appreciation moment where they flip over lots of bacon rashers in one go as well as possibly the most disgusting shot I have ever seen… KFC gravy with Jack Daniel’s.

There’s also a reappearance of FPSRussia’s large machete which is used to cut the massive creation. As always this video has gone viral racking up the views, so far it has more than 1.3 million views and it’s growing by the days, which is pretty impressive when you think it has only been around for 2 days. As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

Is this your new favorite Epic Meal Time video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.