Tumblr Growth Most Staggering Yet

We like to keep our readers informed about Tumblr, the microblogging and social sharing service, and over the last few months we told how the share button was launched, about the new look dashboard and most recently how Klout has added Tumblr to its scoring system. Today we have news that Tumblr’s growth has continued to surge, with staggering growth in the last few months.

Back in April we published an infographic that showed Tumblr was at that time the fastest-growing social network and the latest figures back that up further. Record numbers of visitors are visiting the site and comScore has given new figures showing that in the U.S. Tumblr received 13.4 million unique visitors for the month of July. That’s a phenomenal rise of 218% on the same time last year. From April to July the growth has been even more intense with its unique visitor count rising by over 5 million in those months, according to Jennifer Van Grove over on Mashable.

A so-called “network effect” is cited by comScore as the reason for this growth, with Andrew Lipsman saying, “The network effect is predicated on the idea that the more users that are part of the system, the more valuable the system becomes to users, which creates a virtuous cycle that pulls more users into the system and gives existing users more incentive to participate. This concept is an important reason why we often see that once social networks achieve critical mass, the network effect takes hold and adoption tends to accelerate.”

Tumblr was only founded in 2007 and its blog figure will soon pass the 28 million mark. This success and the data showing the excellent growth of the site will no doubt be influential in a planned bid by the company for a round of funding aimed at raising between $75 and $100 million. If this is achieved then The Wall Street Journal indicates the company would be worth around $800 million.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on why Tumblr has achieved such astonishing growth. Are you a Tumblr user and if so why do you think the site has become so popular? Let us know with your comments.