Droid Bionic – Roll on September 8: Clues, Hints, Leaks, More

The Motorola Droid Bionic date is fast approaching and speculation about the release date still has it pegged for a September 8 release. Last week we told of an official Twitter account verifying the same release date but it later turned out not to be the real deal, however the signs are still looking good. Today we have more launch news and also can tell you about some training information that has been revealed and a teaser campaign.

We’ve recently given you some news on a Costco bundle price, which seems like a pretty good deal and also an official teaser specifically mentioning September. Now there are two further snippets that further suggest the September 8 release date is likely. Firstly Kellex over on Droid-Life reports on a Motorola Droid Bionic scavenger hunt, which will start on September 4 and finish on September 7, hinting at a release for the next day.

Secondly Droid Attic has got its hands on some pictures, which show that Best Buy will be receiving Droid Bionic stock on September 7, again ready for a September 8 launch. In further Droid Bionic news Phil Nickinson of Android Central unveils some leaked Verizon training documents for the Droid Bionic that show plenty of further information. Several pages of documents are revealed showing the webtop application, pictures of accessories and more so take a look for more on that. Nickinson also mentions that pre-orders may begin on September 1, though we have nothing more on that.

As well as all that here’s one more interesting item on the Bionic. Jonathan S. Geller over on BGR tells how they have just received a high-security briefcase, delivered from Verizon Wireless. The case is part of an ingenious campaign to build up hype for the Droid Bionic and it certainly looks pretty intriguing. There are exciting weeks ahead in the smartphone world with not only the Bionic but also the newly confirmed Galaxy S II appearing in the US from September 16 (on Sprint and September 18 for AT&T). Also of course, we expect to hear soon about the iPhone 5.

For now all we can do is wait and hope that the hints and clues about the launch date have added together correctly. Are you still waiting for that September 8 date to come rolling around for the Droid Bionic? Why not send us your comments to let us know what you’re thinking.