Sprint to Unveil iPhone 5 on October 7 Rumor? Strategy Event

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to dominate tech headlines and just in the last day or so we’ve heard about the possibility that it may have a smaller screen than expected and also asked if the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE edition could overshadow the launch of the next iPhone. Today we have news for you of a Sprint event on October 7, which could possibly unveil the iPhone 5 or may be about 4G planning.

Speculation that Sprint will also be a carrier for the iPhone 5 has stepped up lately and last week we told how The Wall Street Journal had reported that Sprint would definitely be another carrier as well as AT&T and Verizon and will also carry the iPhone 4 (this could be the rumored new low-cost iPhone 4 version). Yesterday we told of Sprint’s official line for employees for if customers asked about the iPhone 5 and it now looks likely that T-Mobile will also get the next-generation iPhone. Now the reveal of a Sprint ‘Strategy Update’ event on Friday October 7 has got tongues wagging again.

Over on This is My Next, Dieter Bohn reports on the event and brings up the possibility of a Sprint iPhone 5 launch. This might seem unlikely, however seeing as Verizon held a launch event rather than Apple when it finally got the iPhone 4, anything is possible. Bohn feels it more likely though that the Sprint 4G roadmap will be the focus of attention. Although it was first on the 4G scene with WiMAX it seems probable that Sprint will consider an LTE transition and this event may be about the strategy for that.

The Sprint ‘Strategy Update’ event will include presentations from senior management and also a Q & A session and invitations have already been sent out, according to Sam Oliver of Apple Insider. Oliver also notes that Verizon held the launch event when it finally got its hands on the iPhone 4 (instead of Apple) but makes a good point when noting the Verizon iPhone 4 was simply an upgraded CDMA version of an existing product. All the signs though are for a mid-October release and we previously told of rumors of pre-orders at the end of September and a possible October 7 launch. There’s that date again!

It’s certainly intriguing and as always with a major new Apple product we’ll probably hear further snippets right up to the launch, which Apple will likely keep highly secret until shortly it happens. Are you hoping for a Sprint iPhone 5? Do you imagine there’s any likelihood at all that this Sprint event could be related to the next iPhone? Let us know by sending your comments.