Anonymous Hacking Brand Benefiting Time Warner: Mask Sales

The worldwide hacking group Anonymous normally cause nothing but problems for most organizations and businesses, or so it would seem. The hacktivist group has a long hit list of victims that range from Sony to the US government; however despite causing mainly damage, Anonymous are actually generating vast amounts of revenue for one company, media giant Time Warner.

You may recognize the masks that Anonymous members wear, that of Guy Fawkes from the 2005 Warner Brother’s movie V for Vendetta. The controversial cyber movement chose to use the mask as it represents rebellion and anti-establishment. Since the mass recognition of Anonymous, the masks from the movie have been quite a popular item to buy, naturally Time Warner discovered this and capitalized on it. Anonymous share the same beliefs as the terrorist who attempted to destroy the Houses of Parliament in the 17th century.

According to IT Pro Portal, Time Warner applied to its sister company Warner Brothers for exclusive rights to the Guy Fawkes mask, with licensing fees being paid on each mask they sell. The movie and Anonymous both compliment each other, people who know of the hacker’s disguise wanting to then see the film it originates from and vice versa. An estimated 100,000 masks are sold each year as a result of the Anonymous affiliation with V for Vendetta. Movie merchandise is a big business and Time Warner has exploited this one well.

Anonymous were also recently in the news for their dud plan to destroy Facebook, later admitting it could not be done…for now. The headless suit on their logo symbolizes anonymity and that their organization has no leader. The group as a whole had not planned to go along with “OpFacebook” it was the scheme of individuals who planned to hack the social site on 5th November (Bonfire Night). Do you agree with what Anonymous do to protest? Furthermore does selling the masks they wear as merchandise promote what they do in a positive way? Leave us your thoughts on this in the comments.

  • Jonathan Richards

    I’m An Anonymous Member I Support What They Do…

    We Are Legion, We Don’t Forgive, We Don’t Forget, Expect Us…!!!

    • Graham Stalker-Wilde

      Eh… I think you just broke the first rule of Anonymous… Jonathan