Toshiba Ultra-Thin Tablet for IFA 2011: Credible Alternative to iPad?

Back in June we told you about the Toshiba Thrive tablet which at that time was hoped to be a serious contender to Apple’s iPad 2. The 10-inch Honeycomb tablet with dual-core processor looked pretty promising, coming in at a lower price than the iPad. However it’s fair to say that the Thrive hasn’t exactly taken off and prospered but we now hear that Toshiba has a new ultra-thin tablet up its sleeve, ready to reveal at IFA 2011 in Berlin.

The success (or not) of the Thrive will have been a big letdown for Toshiba. Indeed Steve Andersen over on TFTS tells how if sales were reflected in a product’s name then it should have been called the Toshiba Wither or possibly the Toshiba Plague. This may sound a little harsh but he has a point. Toshiba has no doubt realized that the disappointing sales of the Thrive was in some part down to its dimensions and is looking to put things right with its new ultra-thin tablet.

The details are very light at present but the new Toshiba tablet is rumored to have a Texas Instruments OMAP4460 1.5GHz dual-core processor, an edge to edge screen and casing of brushed metal. Where it is expected to differ most from the Thrive (apart from dimensions) is that it will have micro HDMI, micro USB and micro SD card slots as opposed to the full-blown equivalents on the Thrive. As IFA is just around the corner it shouldn’t be too much longer until we hear much more about the new Toshiba tablet and maybe this time around a Toshiba tablet really could be a credible alternative to the iPad 2.

Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me, sourced from NotebookItalia, also reports on a new super-slim tablet from Toshiba and tells how the Thrive is currently only at number 12 on Amazon’s list of bestselling tablets so it seems that Toshiba is really going down the right route by planning a much slimmer tablet. We’ll be listening to more from IFA and will keep you updated with further developments.

What do you think of a new ultra-thin tablet from Toshiba? Could it possibly tempt you away from the iPad 2, (although we should now also consider the iPad 3) or another tablet? Let us know with your comments.