Droid Bionic News Floods In: Release Date, Site Show & Webtop

Information is now flooding in thick and fast on the Motorola Droid Bionic as it gets closer to release on Verizon and today we have news that many of you have been waiting to hear, as the rumored release date of September 8 now seems to have been officially confirmed on Twitter. The Droid Bionic has also shown itself on a Motorola page and we also have news of a webtop accessory.

Just in the last few days we’ve told how the Droid Bionic would benefit from the Galaxy S II not coming to Verizon, although we’ve just given more details on the newly-announced LTE Galaxy S II which could conceivably be carried by the Big Red. We also gave readers news of a great Costco bundle with accessories making the price much more affordable, a site show on Verizon and official video teaser and another video showing the boot sequence and speed. News that the release date of September 8 has now been confirmed comes to us from Brian Heater over on Engadget, sourced from Motorola and DroidBionic (Twitter).

Engadget informs that what seems to be an ‘official’ Droid Bionic Twitter account states a September 8 release date. You can see the tweet above. As well as this it’s also reported that a Motorola website page for the Droid Bionic has now appeared with new images, although when we tried the link it seems to have been pulled. Droid-Life also reported on the Motorola show but neither link currently shows a Droid Bionic result.

In more news from Droid-Life we’ve learned of another Motorola Droid Bionic accessory, the Webtop Adapter, which will be aimed at being much more affordable than the laptop accessory that came out for the Motorola Atrix. There are no details on pricing yet but from what we can see it looks pretty good. Users would simply plug the Webtop Adapter into the HDMI and microUSB port on the Bionic and then run an HDMI cable to a TV or monitor.

UPDATE: Since we published this article Verizon and Motorola have both denied that the ‘official’ Droid Bionic Twitter account, which seemed to confirm a September 8 release date, belongs to them.

We’ll continue to keep you informed about further Droid Bionic developments. Are you getting ready to grab your Droid Bionic on September 8 and what do you think of the Webtop Adapter idea? Let us know by sending in your comments.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah..the same droid twitter account that been going by with the rumors of April, June, July and August releases. If you want real update just check back September 1st. If there no rumors or BS excuses of why this phone cant come out again. Then September may be a definite release date.