New iPod Touch Leaked Parts Suggest White Version On the Way

Earlier this month we reported on a speculated Apple event on September 7 in which the arrival of the new iPod touch is expected. Although there has still been no confirmation of the event date, today’s iPod touch news surrounds leaked parts purported to be from the next-gen iPod touch, which suggest it will also be available in a white version.

Previously we told how there were hints of a new iPod touch coming from clues contained in the beta version of iOS 5.0 and so news of leaked parts will please many people who have been waiting for an updated version. We’ve already told about iPhone 5 components turning up recently and now a front cover for a purported new iPod touch has been revealed by parts supplier iFixDirect, as reported by Sean P. Aune over on TechnoBuffalo. The part, pictured below, is in white so it looks pretty likely that a white variant is on the way.

Meanwhile over on Apple Insider, Josh Ong also reports on the leaked white fifth-generation iPod touch part and says that back in July they heard news of a white iPod touch along with an analysts suggestion that the iPod touch would not be receiving a specs update this year. Because the release of the iPhone 5 has been pushed back, this has also overshadowed any iPod touch release. Apple Insider also informs that iOS evidence hints that Apple is not viewing an iPod touch update as a wholly new generation as references mention an iPod touch 4.2, so it does look as though there will be no major overhaul this time around.

The likelihood of a white iPod touch is no big surprise as the iPad 2 was also released in white earlier this year and of course the iPhone 4 eventually turned up in a white model, although the long wait was too long for some. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you hoping for a new iPod touch this year and would you be disappointed if it’s not a major refresh? Let us know with your comments.