iPhone 5 Cover Leaks & What About Hurricane Irene Launch Effects?

Apple iPhone 5 news and speculation continues to flood in despite the recent resignation of CEO Steve Jobs and just in the last few days we’ve had news that a T-Mobile iPhone 5 looks likely. Today though we have details of what is purported to be another leaked part of the next iPhone, the back cover, and we’re also wondering if the effects of Hurricane Irene may have any impact on the iPhone 5 launch.

We’ve already seen several leaked components of alleged iPhone 5 parts but the latest is of a back cover for an iPhone N94 prototype, thought to be the iPhone 5. The back cover of an iPhone labeled EVT (Engineering Verification Test) and dated June 7 2011, can be seen in the image below. It was brought to our attention by Arnold Kim over on MacRumors, sourced from MacPost, and N94 has long been believed to be the model number for the next iPhone 5. The date would fit as we recently told of another purported iPhone 5 part, the battery, which was labeled DVT (Device Verification Test), the stage after EVT.

The N94 then is said to closely resemble the iPhone 4 but has a redesigned antenna, supports T-Mobile and is also thought to use the A5 processor, as on the iPad 2, which has long been anticipated. MacRumors feels that this back cover is possibly for the iPhone 5 though also suggests it could be for the rumored upcoming low-cost version of the iPhone 4, although that would be less likely to also have an A5 processor.

As well as this new leaked part we also have news that Hurricane Irene could impact the iPhone 5 launch. Yesterday our Matt Tran reported on the iPhone 5 launch with news that invites could be sent out for a press event as early as next week, strategically planned to be hot on the heels of Steve Jobs’ resignation. However Hurricane Irene is still relentlessly on a path to the US East Coast and Johnny Major over on Beatweek discusses the consequences this could have for an iPhone 5 launch.

Although the press event for the launch would be held in California, journalists would be attending from New York City. If the invites were to be sent out this week the event could be under threat because of any impacts from Hurricane Irene. Hopefully the damage won’t be as major as anticipated but it’s certainly possible that extended travel delays may occur. If the press event for the launch was pushed back it might still be possible to release the iPhone 5 on the same date as expected, (depending on the gap between launch and release). However another possibility is that hurricane damage and any shutdowns of airports could hamper Apple getting iPhone 5 inventory to the East Coast in time for a release. All things considered then it’s rather strange that a hurricane may actually affect an iPhone launch but it certainly could happen.

For now though we urge those on the eastern coast of the US to take care and of course a device launch pales into insignificance when considering the more widespread consequences of Hurricane Irene. You may also be interested in our recent article about online and social media tracking tools for Hurricane Irene. Let us have your thoughts on the leaked iPhone back cover and of course, Hurricane Irene, by sending us your comments.