UK Government Decides Rioters Will NOT Get Social Media Ban

We brought you the news a few days back that the UK government were set for a meeting with Facebook, Twitter and Research In Motion. The issue on the agenda was the part that these company’s services played in the recent UK riots. The talks between Home Secretary Theresa May, officials and the companies have now taken place and it was decided that rioters would not be punished with a social media ban.

Prime Minister David Cameron had expressed his disgust at the rioting and said that banning services like Facebook Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger would not be out of the question. According to Cnet UK, the government has now ditched plans to implement social media bans to rioters and also future plans that would involve seeking additional powers to ban the services in times of unrest. It was initially thought that temporary bans would have been enforced to help cool the chaos.

BBM was cited as one of the biggest culprits behind the attacks as it is a quick free service in which people can communicate and coordinating plans. Rioters also used Facebook and Twitter to call on friends to come down to certain locations and wreck havoc. Many of these have now been identified and have felt the full force of the law, getting prison sentences as long as 4 years each. The decision not to ban our social sites will suit the masses but displease the minority.

Facebook has spoken out since the meetings and said that talks were constructive, mapping out how social media can be use for good. The government wants these powerful sites to co-operate with law enforcement so that future disturbances like the ones we saw can be prevented. Theresa May has since stated that the government wasn’t looking to restrict Internet services or close them down. Whats your reaction to the news that the social media sites will not be banned, let us know in the comments.