Samsung Galaxy S II Shock News: Not Heading to Verizon

Here at OSM, Thursday seemed to be chugging along in much the same way as usual but we have just heard some news that has shocked and surprised us. If you’re one of the many, many people waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II and particularly if you’re waiting for it on Verizon, then we have some bad news. It seems that Verizon will NOT be carrying the Galaxy S II, which is something we didn’t see coming.

We’ve been reporting developments on the Galaxy S II (or S2) for months now and just recently gave a US carrier variant roundup, told of a Samsung teaser on Twitter, wondered if the white Galaxy S II would make it stateside and told how Sprint was rumored to be releasing its Galaxy S II variant, the Epic Touch 4G, first. Earlier today we told how the Galaxy S II Within had now also made an appearance on a leaked AT&T roadmap. One thing that really had not occurred to us though, was even the remote possibility that the Galaxy S II would NOT be heading to Verizon.

However it would seem this is the case as reported by Kellex over on Droid-Life from a report by none other than The Wall Street Journal. We had previously heard rumors of the Verizon variant, being called the Function and more recently told how the Samsung Celox 4G LTE handset could in fact be the Verizon Galaxy S II model but it seems everyone was barking up the wrong tree. The WSJ has reported that Verizon will definitely NOT be carrying a Galaxy S II and this has also been confirmed by Verizon spokesperson, Brenda Raney.

We know that many of our readers have been patiently waiting for the Verizon Galaxy S II and this means an awful lot of very disappointed consumers. The Samsung Stratosphere, thought to be coming to Verizon, was also bandied about for a while as a Verizon Galaxy S II but is simply a variant of the Epic 4G with a keyboard. There is speculation that Verizon will carry the Nexus Prime when it is launched though. It’s thought that Google’s Nexus Prime will be manufactured by Samsung and so Droid-Life suggests therefore that there was no sense in Verizon also carrying the Galaxy S II.

With hindsight it did seem rather ominous that the Hercules had been outed as the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S II and the Epic Touch 4G was Sprint’s but there was still no firm news of the Verizon alternative. Samsung is holding its big product launch event for the Galaxy S II on August 29 but it seems we will no longer be waiting for news of the Verizon release after all. Cameron Summerson over on Android Police also reports on this WSJ news and feels that if the Nexus Prime does indeed come to Verizon it would be a fair tradeoff as the Prime is looking very impressive on what we know so far. However we still feel that many Big Red customers had already made up their minds on the Galaxy S II and will be feeling very let down by this news.

We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this. Were you waiting patiently but eagerly to get your hands on the Galaxy S II on Verizon? If so, will you purchase the Galaxy S II on another carrier or wait for something else, such as the Nexus Prime, Motorola Droid Bionic or maybe the Apple iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.

  • Will

    I will wait to see if they get the Nexus Prime. If not im jumping ship!

    • Anonymous

      I’m right behind ya!

  • Anonymous

    can’t believe verizon you wait and wait and pull the rug out from under you. You better bring the celox fast or you will be losing a customer!!!