Portal: No Escape – Transforms Video Game to Short Concept Movie

At OSM we enjoy reporting on the latest and greatest YouTube viral videos. These videos trend for a number of reasons, it can be because someone has done something amazing, there’s an ultra cute cat or sometimes it’s a new game trailer. Now we have seen something awesome… It’s titled “Portal: No Escape” where they have transformed a video game into a short concept movie.

Portal 2 was fairly recently released across the big gaming platforms including the PS3 and the Xbox and also on the PC. The game has been doing ok enough to have caught the attention of the directors of the clip which is at the bottom of the article for your viewing pleasure.

The video starts with a woman (Danielle Rayne) who seems to have woken up in a cell and finds that she has something on the back of her neck that looks as if it has been surgically implanted. She proceeds to train doing pushups and bench presses and exploring the cell looking to see if there’s a way out at all.

Eventually she sees something on the wall, she goes to that opening to reveal the portal gun where she has a blast and opens the orange portal on one wall and the blue one on the other. Cautiously she goes to the orange portal and puts her hand through only to see it appearing out of the blue one! This is where the action starts and in similar fashion to what we have seen in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy clips, the action is intense and extremely well made. She thinks that she is escaping only to find that she is in some kind of made up world that has been manufactured for her…

What did you think of the clip? Is this one of the best YouTube short films you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments section below.