Galaxy S II Shows at Last on AT&T: Codename Singa & More

Although the Samsung Galaxy S II (or S2) has been available for some time in other regions it has yet to see the light of day in the U.S. and much of our reports on the Galaxy S II lately have been news about a stateside release. If you’re one of those hoping to grab the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S II, thought to be named the Attain, we have good news for you as it has now shown itself on a leaked AT&T roadmap along with a Q3 release as we expected.

The big Samsung product event due on August 29 is anticipated to reveal the US Galaxy S II and we may then hear some firmer news on release dates for various carriers. Just in the last week or so we’ve given you a roundup of US carrier information with what we know about the different Galaxy S II variants so far. We’ve also informed you about a Samsung teaser for the US Galaxy S II and given the news that Sprint may be the first US carrier to reveal its Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G model, rumored for September 9.

However very little indeed has been heard about the AT&T version apart from some earlier leaked images and the speculation that it is to be called the Attain. The fact that it now shows on the leaked AT&T roadmap should certainly reassure many customers hoping to get their hands on an AT&T Galaxy S II. Evan Blass over on Pocketnow reports on the AT&T roadmap, which you can see below.

If you’re wondering where the Attain is, it’s referred to on the roadmap with the codename Singa, the SGH-i777, with all the relevant specs in place and Q3 as its release date. Other Android devices listed are another Samsung, this time a QWERTY slider, SGH-i927, the Motorola Fuath MB865, rumored to be an Atrix update, and other handsets from Huawei and Pantech. There are also Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry handsets listed. Over on Droid Matters, Zack Nebbaki notes that the Samsung QWERTY slider above, the SGH-i927, could in fact be the Samsung Impulse 4G.

Are you waiting for the Galaxy S II in the US on AT&T and does this leaked roadmap give you reassurance that it’s on its way? Maybe you got tired of waiting? Let us have your comments on this.

  • Bill Archinal

    Yep, getting a little weary from waiting.

  • Anonymous

    very weary. I hope it was worth the wait. And the rumor is Sprint to get it on sept 9th. the Attain better be on the same day or not more than a few days after.