Facebook’s One Trillion Pageviews: Most Visited Website

Here at OSM, popular social networking site Facebook is always a hot topic. Just yesterday we brought you news of a privacy overhaul, details of Facebook expanding its content and how Ticketmaster will now show details of where your Facebook friends are sitting at an event. Today’s Facebook news is about a significant milestone, as the site has now passed one trillion pageviews in a month.

Data from ad network DoubleClick showed figures of more than one trillion pageviews for both June and July, according to Lauren Indvik of Mashable, sourced from RWW. In June, Facebook realized figures of 870 million unique visitors and in July that same figure was 860 million. Figures for July tell how each of those visitors spent an average of 25 minutes on the site, viewing an average of around 40 page views per visit. This worked out at 1,160 pageviews per visitor for the month of July, which seems pretty staggering.

In our recent article about social media marketing and brands we told how a recent report from GlobalWebIndex said that growth in Facebook is slowing and in some countries is actually declining. We also told how the way people use Facebook is changing and that increasingly social networking users now use the sites for distributing content. Mashable points out that Facebook has firmly asserted that activity on the site is not declining and these new statistics seem to back that up, if accurate.

The site with the next highest amount of pageviews was YouTube, which achieved 100 billion in June from 790 million unique visitors. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the number of pageviews achieved by Facebook in one month. Does your own activity on Facebook reflect the individual visitor figures above or are you surprised at these latest numbers? Let us know with your comments.

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