Tracking Hurricane Irene 2011 Path: Useful Resources

Latest reports on Hurricane Irene show it strengthening again in power and still on a projected path to the east coast of the US, maybe impacting as far north as New England. As if an earthquake wasn’t enough to cope with, many are now wondering if they will be affected by Irene and we have some details for you on how you can track Hurricane Irene, both online and with social media and continue to predict its path.

Those in Florida and the Carolinas are already preparing for the storm to hit, predicted at present for Saturday, but as usual with hurricanes the situation can be unpredictable and can change rapidly. Online tools could be really valuable at the moment and an article by Todd Wassermann over on Mashable gives some really useful information regarding how to track the storm and we want to detail a few of the best sites out there. Click on the links to go straight to the sites listed.

The National Weather Service is always a good place to start and one of our most favored bookmarks. Everything weather-related can be found here and you’ll find the official word on what’s happening, not only for hurricanes but also for weather in space and incidents such as oil spills. MyFoxHurricane is another great resource and we particularly like the clear imagery that Fox uses to allow users to follow the path of a hurricane and where it’s headed next. There’s also a useful blog which is continually updated.

Particularly good for videos of the weather is The Weather Channel, which we reckon has very clear layout and Stormpulse uses information from the National Hurricane Center, and incorporates it into real-time maps. If you’d rather track the weather using Twitter then these sites all come recommended, @CNNweather, @BreakingWeather, @NASAHurricane and @HurricaneTrack.

Alternatively if you’d rather use an iPad app then you can try The Weather Channel Max for iPad and AccuWeather. These are just a few of the available options but if you want more then head to the earlier Mashable link. We hope these suggestions will help you out and if you’re in any of the areas that might be affected then take care and keep safe. Let us have your comments about Hurricane Irene.

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    Irene becomes a Category 4 and destroys the US! LOLZ

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