Ticketmaster: Shows Facebook Friend’s Seats At Events

Facebook is getting even more involved in many of the things we do, now showing which of your friends are attending certain events and even where they are sitting. Event ticketing firm Ticketmaster has now integrated the social networking site into its own, helping you plan and attend gigs even easier. Facebook users can now connect their accounts to Ticketmaster’s interactive event maps, taking the ticket purchase experience to a new level.

According to Mashable, this new feature has now gone live for over 9,000 events on Ticketmaster and Live Nation sites. The big idea is to purchase event tickets next to or near your Facebook friends and also tag yourself in seats and vice versa. Ticketmaster’s ecommerce vice president, Kip Levin has said that this should bring back the old experience of “going down to a record store and purchasing tickets”.

When you first purchase tickets to an event, you should tag yourself into your seat so that other friends using the map can see where you are sitting. Facebook are in the process of overhauling privacy and have implemented this with Ticketmaster, giving you the choice of who can see where you are located. There is a toolbar placed on the left hand side of screen showing which of your friends are attending.

The friends who are attending can be clicked on, with their exact set and location in the venue being identified. A map overview will show the positions of all of your attending friends, with a Facebook flag marking out their positions. Studies have so far shown that people are more likely to book tickets for events if they know where their friends are sitting. A reported $5 extra is made from ticket sales when friends share their purchase activity.

Similarly Foursquare has just added the ability to check in to events as well as locations. Social media and networking is becoming a firm part of our everyday lives and it looks like a change for the good. Do you think the increasing social integration with tasks is a good thing? Let us know if you will be making the most of Ticketmaster’s new Facebook feature by leaving a comment.