Steve Jobs Quits As Apple CEO: Who Will Unveil The iPhone 5?

We have some big sad breaking news from the world of technology, that being the resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO at Apple. The iconic leader has wowed crowds for years with a huge range of innovative products but sadly due to health concerns, Mr Jobs has had to stand down. The decision could be considered ill timed as it is not long before many are expecting to see the iPhone 5, health should always come first though.

So who will be the new man to take to the stage and pull the sheets off of Apple’s sparkling new products? Well it is not really anyone new at all, Tim Cook who was currently Apple’s chief operations officer and acting chief executive in Job’s absence, has now been promoted to CEO. According to The Guardian, the Apple board elected Cook as the new CEO, with Jobs himself putting in a strong recommendation.

In his resignation letter, Steve wrote: “As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.” Do not be too upset by this news if you are a fan, this is not the end for Mr Apple. Upon stepping down as CEO, Steve was immediately announced as chairman of the company, meaning he will still play a large role inside Apple.

In what was quite an emotional farewell letter as CEO, Jobs said that the day had come where he was able to meet his duties and expectations as Apple CEO. Jobs also requested he was made chairman so that he could still serve Apple and this was granted in a heartbeat. Jobs co-founded Apple in a garage back in 1976, taking it from desperate times to the billion dollar company it is now. Steve Jobs is the heart and soul of Apple and that is the way it will always be.

According to BBC News, Jobs underwent a liver transplant following pancreatic cancer, taking medical leave from January 17th this year. Showing his dedication, he still managed to attend an Apple event to unveil the iPad 2 and of course this year’s WWDC where he revealed software like iOS 5. Sadly Mr Jobs has been able to fully recover and as a result, decided it best to look after himself before his company.

It seems quite unreal at the moment as to what has happened, could he put on one last show by surprisingly unveiling the iPhone 5? Let us know how you feel about the news that Steve Jobs has resigned. Does it sadden you or do you think Apple were due a change of leadership?