Samsung Galaxy S II Everyday Teaser for US: Surprise Coming

News is hotting up on the Samsung Galaxy S II (or S2) as it heads towards its U.S. release and every day we seem to be hearing more snippets of news. Just in the past few days we’ve given you information about US carrier variants of the Galaxy S II and how Sprint could be first to release with its version, the Epic Touch 4G. Today we have news of a spot of a US Galaxy S II in a video promo and also a message from Samsung via Twitter, teasing about a surprise coming. Intriguing stuff!

Yesterday we also discussed the white Galaxy S II and whether it would be coming to the US and included in that article we provided a link to a Samsung promo video for the Galaxy S II. However we were not as eagle-eyed as some and Mike Dunn over on Digital Trends draws our attention to the fact that in fact a US variant of the Galaxy S II may have been shown very briefly in the video. We’ve embedded the video below this story so that you can take a look for yourselves.

The Samsung YouTube channel carried the promo about the US launch of the Galaxy S II and although it’s not clear which variant is shown, Digital Trends notes that a generic Galaxy S II is shown throughout the video with a physical middle button. However as the video nears the end, a Galaxy S II with four touch buttons is displayed very briefly and this looks likely to be a US Galaxy S II, which is a pretty clever tease on Samsung’s part.

In a further tease we spotted an interesting tweet on the Samsung Mobile US Twitter account last night. The message which you can see at the link here, reads, “Hey, those who want a #GalaxySII in the USA, check back at 10am EST everyday. There’s a surprise coming.” Now that’s what I call tantalizing and in fact there’s not too much longer until it will be time to check back. After getting our taste buds active we’ll be a little disappointed if it’s just a vague suggestion of something but of course that’s just as likely as something major.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on the video spot of a US Galaxy S II and also what you think about the Samsung Twitter tease? Let us have your comments.